1. Follow the procedure given below to be registered as a tutor.

    a. Applicant will fill the registration form given on website and submit carefully.
    b. All kind of personal as well as professional information provided, shall based on utmost good faith by the applicant.
    c. In case of any false information provided by the applicant, Academy has full authority to cancel the registration.
  2. If a tutor unethically tries to overrule the academy policy and make any sort of deal with the clients by using academy tuition leads, Academy will take strict action against him/her. Tutor registration will be cancelled and he/she will be placed on the list of blacklist tutors so he will not be able to get any tuition lead from all academic platforms.
  3. It is mandatory for tutor to inform the academy right after the first demon with the client.
  4. If a tuition duration is one month or less then tutor will liable to pay 25% of the fee as academy service charges and if the tuition duration is more one month then academy share will be the 50% of the first fee.

    2- Other terms and conditions;
    a. it is a personal responsibility of the tutor to finalize the deal with the family about tuition charges, Academy will only provide the tuition leads to tutor. Surely provide you with the tuition lead but to finalize the deal with the clients will be the responsibility of a registered tutor.
    b. Academy will be responsible for the deal which is finalizing the deal which based on academy lead. Academy will not be responsible for any other commitment by the tutor with the client.
  5. After referring any assignment to tutor, academy will not be responsible of any mishap like termination of tuition assignment early or later.