Tutor charges generally depend upon number of subjects, duration of the tuition. However it’s a matter of mutual agreement between the tutor and client. Academy can play its role in any case of disagreement between client and tutor.

Academy always tries to promote its best services and tries to satisfy the client as much possible. Academy keeps necessary information about the tutor e.g. CNIC and the proof of last qualification. Client can ask the necessary information about the tutor in case of any mishandling of the assignment by the tutor.

Its general criteria that mostly client paid advance fee to the tutor or the academy. Academy will charge its share from tutor then pay the rest amount to tutor.

Academy keeps necessary evidence about the tutor and we make sure at our best knowledge not to register a tutor which cannot satisfy the academy about his/her personal security. In case of any defaulter case, academy representative work hard to compensate the client as much as possible.

After the trial classes, it is the primary duty of the client to inform the academy about the confirmation or disagreement about the tutor. In case of confirmation by the clients they are liable to fill confirmation form and send it back to academy via email or personal visit.

It is very clear and simple method of hiring the tutor from the academy. You can make a call either on Whatsapp or Ptcl number, send a voice message through whatsapp, or put your query through our established social media channels.

ETA is an established group in the field of tutoring services for online as well as virtual classes. You can ask for more than one tutor if you are not satisfied by the trial of first teacher. Academy will make sure to provide the best of their services in order to generate highest level of your satisfaction.

ETA services are not limited up to a certain number of subjects. We have a team of highly professional English language tutor. Most of them are more than fifteen years of experience in IELTS, TOFFLE and other language test preparation. You can hire male/female, online/virtual classes tutor from our academy.

ETA offers special preparatory class for all universities test in both term of the year. You can hire our services for a planned test preparation courses or you can hire the tutor for individual test preparation both online/virtual classes.

ETA offers its services to multiple channels of communication. Online tutoring is the need of time. Student can sign up at ETA website ( and get connected to its desired online tutor. A student can hire individual online tutor for its desired course as well.